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Bill Wysong, MA, LPC, EMDR II, TEP

Have I ever been in therapy? Yes, and it was life-changing. My personal therapy inspired me to leave my previous profession and become a therapist to provide healing to others. My goal is to create a place of trust where you can share your story, remove the blocks keeping you from a better life, help you find balance, and eliminate the swings from highs to lows. I believe we can work together to discover the source of your conflict, find your strength to resolve it, and allow you to move you toward new actions in life. 

Office Hours

Office hours are available during the day, night, and weekend. My practice consists of individual, couple, family and group clients with services that include a variety of therapies to meet each person's needs. My workshops have trained many VA alcohol, drug, and PTSD counselors, social workers, and other therapists.


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, licensed by the State of Colorado.and have been a UCCS and Phoenix University visiting faculty member. I am one of about 250 people worldwide certified as TEP, the highest level in Psychodrama. Send for a psychodrama brochure, which is a caring, gentle therapy no matter how people react to the name. It is the strongest therapy I've experienced. 

My office is located in a pleasant, residential environment 15 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs.


Individual Counseling



  • Individual Counseling: We provide individualized counseling help you develop successful strategies in problem areas such as: communication, commitment, self-esteem,anger management, depression, and anxiety. 
  • We also have successful treatment programs for:
  • Phobias: A Phobia is a fear-based reaction to a situation or stimulus. It can produce a range of feelings from anxiety to terror. Phobias inhibit the full enjoyment of life. Successful treatment of your phobia is guaranteed.
  • Traumas: Many people suffer childhood, and other, emotional traumas. Even though a traumatic incident may not be remembered, traumas negatively affect relationships until they are resolved.


Couples Counseling


The quality of your life is the quality of your relationship. We help you and your partner resolve difficult issues involving commitment, communication, mutual respect, enhancement of intimacy, independence, togetherness, negotiation, and effective decision making.

Group Counseling


All groups are conducted in a supportive and confidential atmosphere.

  • Couples' Communication Group: A group experience providing support and feedback from other couples as you deal with pertinent issues.
  • Men's Support Group: Men have unique situations and frustrations. You may be experiencing relationship problems, difficulties at work, family life issues, or concerns over personal growth. Understanding and resolving these problems is the goal of this group.
  • Psychodrama Group: All people have inner dramas going on in their minds. Psychodrama provides you with a unique opportunity - unlike any other counseling method - to enact your drama, explore issues, and reach resolutions. Psychodrama produced positive results by improving relationships, learning, awareness, and self-esteem. Contrary to the name, psychodrama can be very gentle and nurturing. Group members need no acting skills to benefit from this process. This group is not designed for those needing intensive therapy.
  • Personal Growth Weekends: Invest in yourself. Periodically we provide personal growth weekends for the enrichment of life. As one client said, "In today's fast-paced world, there is no room for self-examination. A personal growth weekend sets time aside for self-examination."

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